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For a better quality of human life.

연구개발 기반 시스템

세포분자생물학적 방법들

  • Immuno-blotting (IB)
  • Immuno-histochemistry (IHC)
  • RT-PCR
  • Growth, Migration, and Transformation of Cells


  • More than 200 cell lines
  • 500+ Plasmids/Virus vectors
  • Isolation/separation, cultivation, and analyses of various adult stem cells and primary cells
  • 50,000 compound libraries

돔물모델 및 유전자변형 마우스

  • Various genetically modified mice; CXXC5 KO, db/db, WDR76 TG & KO Mice
  • Mice Models for Disease Analyses; Obese, Diabetes, NASH, Hair Regeneration, Wound, Wound-induced hair neogenesis
  • Xenograft & PDX systems

이미징 시스템

  • Confocal microscope analysis
  • Phase contrast microscope analyses, Live cell imaging analyses


  • Cellular Screening system monitoring activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling
  • In vitro screening system monitoring the CXXC5-Dvl PPI (Protein-Protein Interaction)


  • Chemical synthesis of small molecules
  • Target Identification
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