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2020-01-03 18:26
TOP 100 Science Spinoffs



South Korean researchers had created a biochemical drug that can help to stop the hairlessness and restore hair follicles, as well as areas of damaged skin. Hair has always been of great importance in the sociocultural context of human development, but we should remember that first at all the hair has a protective function. Scientists from, South Korea, had created an innovational biochemical drug that can lead to the hair growth and formation of the new hair follicle.

According to different research's institution such as the (the abbreviation is AHLA), androgenetic alopecia is typically well known as hairlessness in "men's" type usually appear very early: at the age of 35 years 23 of American men regularly lose part of their hair and in 25% this process starts at the age of 21 years. Very crucial fact is that hairlessness disease is inherent not just for men but 40% of those who partly lose hair are women.

Studying the hairlessness and hair follicles, Professor Choi Kang-yeol and the researcher's team had found out that people who have this phenomenon, have the increasing content of the protein CXXC5 in the skin's area of hair growth. This protein has a capability to act as an adverse regulator of the signalling route inside of a cell that is connected with the formation of the hair follicle and injury healing.

This type of protein violates the formation and regeneration processes of the hair follicle when it links with the Dishevelled protein. Consequently, scientists created the completely innovational biochemical substances, which can lead to the fact that follicles will have the capability to grow normally and recover when not connected with the Dishevelled protein.

Based on the study results, the scientists had created a biochemical drug, that is named PTD-DBM, that prevents protein and the Dishevelled protein connection. They made an experiment and put the biochemical drug on the bare leather of mice from research lab, after 28 days scientists noted that hair began to growth. The PTD-DBM and valproic acid (the abbreviation is VPA) activate the Wnt signalling route that is lead to fast growth of the new hair.

The modern existing medicine usually don’t work for those people who completely baldheaded. Because these medication can just to speed up the hair growth. Probably, they can have the side effects because most of them have the ability to suppress testosterone. The next step in the investigation process that researchers team are going to do is the experiment to detect whether the groundbreaking medicine has a toxic effect.

Choi Kang-yeol mentioned that scientists had revealed the protein that has the capability to regulate the process of the hair growth and created the innovational biochemical drug that stimulates recovering of the hair by method of regulating the function of the protein.

If it turns out that these drugs do not have any toxic impact, undoubtedly, it will be a revolutionary method in the medication of this unpleasant for many people phenomen. This method is unique because it does not require surgical intervention for example, as thehair transplant. The scientific investigation was financed by the Ministry of the Science.

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